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Alpha Track Radon Testing

Alpha Track AT100

Radon Test Kit

The AT-100 Long Term Alpha Track Radon Testing Kit from AccuStar Labs was rated #1 by a leading national consumer advocacy group. This kit includes a single device, instructions and laboratory analysis. According to the EPA, a long-term test is the best way to determine your exposure to Radon during different seasons and living conditions in your home. Closed house conditions are not necessary during a long term test. Leave the test device exposed for 91 days to 12 months under normal living conditions.


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Alpha Track AT100 by AccuStar



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90 - 365 DAYS



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Technical Details:


For this method, the detector is a small piece of special plastic or film inside a small container. Air being tested diffuses through a filter covering a hole in the container. When alpha particles from radon and its decay products strike the detector, they cause damage tracks. At the end of the test the container is sealed and returned to a laboratory for reading.


The plastic or film detector is treated to enhance the damage tracks and then the tracks over a predetermined area are counted using a microscope or optical reader. The number of tracks per area counted is used to calculate the radon concentration of the site tested. Exposure of alpha track detectors is usually 3 to 12 months, but because they are true integrating devices, alpha track detectors may be exposed for shorter lengths of time when they are measuring higher radon concentrations.



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